The IPM 2017 Quilt Competition is open to all. This is a great opportunity to showcase your quilting skills to a large and enthusiastic audience. The 15 categories offer something for every taste, technique and ability.

All entries will be displayed during the Quilt Show held August 19 - 20, 2017 at the Seaforth Community Centre, where judging will take place and prizes will be awarded.

All quilts entered will be exhibited in the Lifestyles Area at the Huron County International Plowing Match and Rural Expo from September 19 to 23, 2017.


Youth are encouraged to enter all categories. There is no entry fee for youth entries.

1. Theme Wall Quilt – COUNTRY SIDE MEETS COAST LINEsample quilt
Your interpretation of the theme. Maximum perimteter 324 inches.

2. Pieced Quilt- Hand Quilted
Pieced by hand or machine / hand quilted. Minimum perimeter 324 inches.

3. Appliqued Quilt – Hand Quilted
Appliqued by hand, hand quilted. Minimum perimeter 324 inches.

4. Pieced Quilt - Machine Quilted
Pieced by machine and quilted on a domestic sewing machine. Minimum perimeter of 324 inches.

5. Appliqued Quilt – Machine Quilted
Appliqued by hand or machine and quilted on a domestic sewing machine. Minimum perimeter of 324 inches.

6. Pieced and Appliqued Combination Quilt
Pieced and appliqued by hand or machine and quilted by hand or machine. Minimum perimeter of 324 inches.

7. Group Quilt
Work of 3 or more people. Pieced, appliqued or combination. Hand, domestic machine or long arm quilted. Minimum perimeter of 324 inches.

8. Throw Quilt
Any technique(s). Hand or machine quilted. Maximum perimeter of 240 inches.sample quilt

9. Wall Hanging
Pieced or appliqued.  Hand or machine quilted. Maximum perimeter of 160 inches.

10. Wearable Art
Pieced, appliqued or other technique. Hand or machine quilted.

11. Modern Quilt
Hand or machine quilted. Minimum perimeter of 324 inches.

12. Pieced or Appliqued Quilt- Long Arm Quilted
a) Maximum perimeter of 324 inches.
b) Minimum perimeter of 324 inches.
(Please note that there is an error on the printed promotional material. It should have read a "minimum perimeter of 324 inches." Apologies for this error. Categories 12a and 12b will be accepted in the competition.) 

13. Crib or Toddler Quilt
Maximum perimeter of 240 inches.

14. Youth Open Class- Ages under 13 – no entry fee
Youth who are age 13 by Dec 31, 2016. Any technique. Any theme.

15. Youth Open Class Ages 14 to 18 – no entry fee
Youth who are age 18 by Dec 31, 2016. Any technique. Any theme.

PRIZES*sample quilt

Prizes may be awarded in cash or in product

  • Viewer’s choice – sponsored prize
  • Judges choice - sponsored prize

The prize values are as follows, unless otherwise stated or sponsored prize

  • 1st Place - $100
  • 2nd Place - $75
  • 3rd Place - $50
* Prizes are subject to change without notice. 


1. Quilters are permitted to enter more than one quilt in a category.
    However the same quilter cannot win more than one prize per category.IPM 2015 Quilt Tent

2. Entries must meet all specifications described in each category, including size requirements.

3. Quilts must have been completed after April 2015.

4. Submit your Quilt Competition Entry Form(s)

  • Send one copy of the IPM 2017 Quilt Competition Entry Form (including a description) and a non-refundable $10.00 entry fee (payable by cheque or money order) to IPM 2017 - for EACH quilt to: Linda O’Rourke - 153 Jarvis Street South, P.O. Box 961, Seaforth, ON N0K 1W0
  • Submit your entry form(s) to hold your quilt place(s).

5. Preparing and delivering your entry:

  • Entries must be completely finished, clean and in good condition. Please baste a piece of fabric over any permanent name label on your quilt.
  • Attach a 6 inch hanging sleeve (please see directions below) to the back of all quilts / wall hangings.
  • Submit each entry in a clear plastic bag marked with your name, address, phone number and the competition category.
  • Enclose a second copy of your completed entry form with each quilt. Retain the original for proof of ownership.

    Quilts must be delivered in person prior to the July 1, 2017 deadline to: Linda O’Rourke - 153 Jarvis St S, Seaforth.

  • For special arrangements or more information, call Linda O’Rourke at 519-527-1035.

6. Quilts will be judged prior to the August Quilt Show, in Seaforth. Decisions of the Judges and the Quilt Committee are final. Judging will be conducted according to IPM 2017 Quilt Judging Standards.

7. It is your responsibility to give credit to the original designer of your quilt pattern based on copyright rules.

Hanging sleeve directions

1. Cut a 13” wide fabric strip, cutting it 1” shorter than the top width measurement of the quilt. Hem each end, enclosing raw edges.

2. With wrong sides together and long edges even, stitch using inch seam allowance. Center the seam allowance on the back side of the sleeve and press. For the larger quilts the sleeve should be spilt in two leaving a 2” opening at the center of the sleeve of ease in hanging the quilt.

3. Center the sleeve along the top of the quilt with the seam allowance of the sleeve next to the quilt back. Attach the sleeve by stitching along both long edges. The sleeve will be narrower than the quilt but this allows a dowel to be inserted into the sleeve without showing.