2018 Local Junior Plowing Matches

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Branch Matches - Junior Matches - Coaching Days

DATE Location
Aug 11 Hosted by: Larry Delrue. 24217 Bear Line Rd, Pain Court.
Contact: Stephanie Campbell 519-365-5952 ckplowing@outlook.com  
Chatham-Kent Sept
18 - 22
Hosting the 2018 International Plowing Match & Rural Expo
TBA  Hosted by: Herrema Farms. 12690 Con 7, Uxbridge.
Contact: Jim & Norma Ferguson 705-357-3069 jnferg4750@gmail.com  
  Hosted by: 
Contact: Lyle Hall 519-776-6053 or Murray McLeod 519-890-4765  
Frontenac (County)
  Hosted by: 
Contact: Martin Oomon 613-583-4761 martyo@kingston.net  or Brenden MacKinnon 613-384-2713 bda_mackinon@sympatico.ca  
Frontenac (Wolfe Island)
 Sept 8 Hosted by: Pyke Farms. 173 Stevenson Lane, Wolfe Island.
Contact: Henry Posthumus 613-561-5732 janineandhenry@aol.com or Janine Handforth 613-985-5732 janine.handforth@queensu.ca 
Sept 28 Hosted by: Hessholm Farms. 809 Hess Rd, Kemptville.
Barb Maitland 613-283-0916 maitlandmeadows@aol.com
Grey Keppel-Sarawak
  Hosted by:
 Craig Cameron 519-375-2938 ccameplow@gmail.com 
Haldimand Oneida  Aug 8 & 9 Hosted by: Ralph and Marjorie Yule. 150 York Rd, Caledonia.
Contact: Rachel Vaarkamp rmhaney12@hotmail.com 289-880-9582 or Mark Vaarkamp mark@vaarkampmanure.ca 905-981-2758
Hastings  Aug 22 Hosted by: Scott and Angela Trudeau. 302 Stoco Rd, Tweed.
Contact: Harry Danford 613-395-5177 hdanford@sympatico.ca or Bill Phillips 613-478-6028 bphillips1089@gmail.com
 Aug 23 (pm) Hosted by: R. Stephen Thompson. 80832 Stone School Line, Clinton.
Contact: Margaret Vincent 519-531-0803 vincent9margaret@msn.com or Joan Ryan 519-237-3806 mjryan@hay.net
 Sept 1 Hosted by: Robert Mater. 6605 Mosside Line, Inwood.
Contact: Linda Bryson 519-828-3381 dlbryson@brktel.on.ca 
Lanark Aug 17 Hosted by: Dave Enright. 3295 Montangue Boundary Rd, Smith Falls.
Contact: Barb Dowdall 613-257-1637 barbdowdall@storm.ca
 Aug 24 Hosted by: Junction of Highway 42 and Addison Rd, Athens.
Contact: Kathi Antione 613-928-2473 mkantoine01@yahoo.ca or Scott Pattemore 613-924-1905 opattemore@ripnet.com
  Hosted by: 
Contact: lan Carruthers 905-376-5049 or Janet & Terry Linton 705-924-2791
Sept 28 Hosted by: David and Barb Edgerton. 11 Lindsay Rd, Selwyn.
Contact: Mona Humphries 705-696-2055 or Warren G. Craft 705-932-5047 craftee@nexicom.net