Are you interested in volunteering with IPM 2018…leading up to the IPM, during the event and/or clean-up afterwards? There are opportunities in many areas for everyone who is looking to help out with the IPM, including: lifestyles, education, entertainment, landscaping, horse plowing and tractor park, wagon tours, marketing, beautification contest, parking and traffic, corporate partners, sanitation, Queen of the Furrow, banquet, antiques…and so much more!

Let us know what interests you! Fill out our online application,
download the pdf application or visit us at a Volunteer Sign-up Day.Volunteers in front of  IPM trailer

ONLINE Volunteer Application       PDF Volunteer Application


Friday, March 16: Wallaceburg Library, 11 am - 1 pm

Please contact us at ipm2018volunteers@gmail.com or 519-350-1686 with any questions.


If your Service Club is interested in volunteering at IPM 2018, please contact us at ipm2018volunteers@gmail.com.

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