In The Beginning

God Speed the PlowIn the fall of 1910 a meeting of members of the local York association was held in the Richmond Hill Hotel to discuss the possibility of organizing a provincial plowmen's organization... Sixty-four enthusiastic plowmen met in the Walker House Hotel on January 6th, 1911... After much discussion it was moved by Mr. T. A. Patterson and seconded by Mr. W. H. Pugsley, "that we form an Ontario Plowmen's Association." Carried." An excerpt from 'God Speed the Plow', a history of the Ontario Plowmen's Association by John Fennell. God Speed the Plow

The History of the Ontario Plowmen's Association 1911-2000

This 200 page book explains in detail the development of the Ontario Plowmen's Association and its showcase program, the International Plowing Match and Farm Machinery Show. Also included are chapters entitled The Plow, Competitions, Local Associations, The Queens Story, A Poster Parade, and much, much, more. The story tells of the dedication and leadership that Ontario's rural community has given to make their Plowing Match the premiere farm show in North America. A book for your farm home and your local library.

About the Author
John Fennell, who retired as Secretary Manager of the Ontario Plowmen's Association in 1999, spent the first year of his retirement recording the history of the OPA.

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