Picture of scooter in front of universal accessible washroom


Each year the International Plowing Match and Rural Expo (IPM) grows out of farmers’ fields. As part of the stewardship of the IPM, we ensure the land is returned to its original condition when the event is complete.

This wonderful legacy does present some accessibility challenges to overcome – for example, streets are soil and can be uneven – but we work hard to make sure everyone feels welcome and safe so they can enjoy the IPM.

Here are some of the features we are offering:

Accessible Parking

  • Located off of County Road 35 (Pain Court Line) and links directly to entry Gate #4
  • An Accessible permit is required
  • A Drop-off/Pick up Zone has been designated in the Accessible Parking Field

Accessible Shuttle Wagons

  • Some wagons within Tented City have ramps
  • All shuttle wagons travel on some Service Roads and Avenues only


  • All mobility scooters (personal and rented) are permitted at the IPM.
  • Med-E-Ox Mobility in Motion will have a number of scooters to rent at the IPM.  We encourage you to contact Med-E-Ox Mobility in Motion in advance to reserve a scooter and avoid disappointment.  Reservations can be made by calling 1-800-265-5500 ext. 208 or 203. After September 17, call 519-841-7734 or 519-525-1111 for all inquiries.

Universal Accessible Washrooms

  • Regular accessible washrooms are found throughout the match and will be clearly visible
  • Two Universal Accessible Washrooms (UAW) will have a hospital bed, a lift (bring your own sling, if possible), an accessible port-a-potty with transfer board that will open up into a private area that will allow visitor support persons to assist
  • UAW locations: Gate 4 (near the Accessible Parking Field) and Hydro One Education Centre
  • Electrical charging stations for mobility and medical devices are located at the UAWs

Service Animals

  • Working service animals are permitted.  Service animal rest areas and water bowls are located throughout Tented City at all Universal Accessible Washrooms and in the Education Area.

Accessible Viewing Areas

  • Clearly marked accessible viewing areas are available at all stages and shows

ASL/English Sign Language Interpreters

  • Two qualified ASL/English Sign Language Interpreters will be scheduled at events in Tented City on Tuesday, September 18 and Saturday, Septenber 22 from 9 am to 5 pm.

Vision & Communication Picture Resources

If you have questions, please contact the Accessibility Committee:

We welcome everyone to attend and enjoy the IPM.