Official Poster Art Contest Winner

Laura Stevens Winner of the 2015 Official IPM Poster Artwork

About the Artist

Laura Stevens grew up in Finch Ontario, surrounded by a large creative family. Upon completing high school, she attended Sheridan Institute for the Arts in Oakville, Ontario and completed a diploma in Art Fundamentals. After taking a year off to develop her own artistic style, Laura returned to school, completing a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts at Bishop's University in Lennoxville, Quebec. During this time, she spent six months studying illustration abroad at the University of Worcester in England. After university, Laura relocated to western Canada, to complete a gallery sales internship under the tutelage of Canadian Artist, Wendy Wacko. She has since returned to her hometown of Finch with her awesome husband (a souvenir from her time in Alberta) and her two beautiful children. Laura continues to freelance as an artist and despite familial protests, continues to paint in the living room.


About the Artwork

Raised in Finch, I have spent years immersed in the community of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry (SDG) and was able to use that as inspiration to create a piece epitomizing the local culture. 

The painting is a mixed media piece consisting of paper, marker and acrylic paint. This technique was chosen specifically to illustrate the patchwork quilt that makes up SDG. The two horses represent the traditional horse and plough theme, while the tractor represents the modem developments in farming. The farmer sits with a guitar to symbolize the prominent musical scene in SDG and his plaid jacket nods to the region's Scottish heritage. The horses trod upon a map of the counties, with a large bounty of fruit and vegetables at its base to illustrate the bountiful produce procured each harvest by our local farmers. The blue background is symbolic of the St. Lawrence River; one of our regions defining characteristics.


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