What an incredible experience! Here at International Plowing Match and Rural Expo 2017 Walton, Ontario we were thrilled to host the 100th plowing match. No event of this size can be run without some very important people.
Firstly, we would like to thank all of the public who attended and brought life to our match.
We definitely have to thank our sponsors, exhibitors and vendors for providing entertainment, food, refreshments and shopping.
Very special thanks to all of the volunteers, committee members and support staff whose tireless work and dedication helped make this event a success.
We would be remiss if we did not thank the Ryan family for being the host family of this year’s event.
Again thank you to everyone who was involved in our celebration of plowing and the rural lifestyle that was IPM 2017.





Congratulations to all of our plowing competitors who participated in IPM 2017.
It’s wonderful to see all of these competitors keeping the plowing traditions alive.
To those who won, congratulations and we hope to see you next year.
To view all of the winners, click here.







Thanks to all of the junior plowing competitors who competed this year. Seeing all of these young ladies and gentlemen showing their enthusiasm for plowing is wonderful.
It is just fantastic to have this next generation of plowing competitors keeping the tradition strong and vibrant.
Congratulations to all of the 2017 winners. Click here to view the winners..







IPM 2017 is proud to toast Kailey Donaldson, of Acton Ontario, for being crowned 2017 – 2018 Queen of the Furrow.

Kailey will have a hectic, full year of helping to promote the plowing tradition. We know Kailey will do a magnificent job of performing her duties.







IPM 2017 was privileged to host the inaugural Princess of the Furrow competition this year.
It was truly impressive to see all of these young ladies present themselves with such grace and enthusiasm.
Congratulations to Brooklyn Hendricks of Lucknow, Huron County for being proclaimed IPM 2017 Princess of the Furrow.
We are confident that we will see these young ladies competing again, either as Princesses or for the Queen of the Furrow.




The International Plowing Match and Rural Expo 2018 will be held in Chatham – Kent, Ontario next year.
It is never too early to make your plans to attend. Here at IPM 2017 we extend our best wishes to IPM 2018.
We know the team at IPM 2018 is working hard to make their event fantastic.