2017logoAntique and Historical Displays

Do you have antique tractors and equipment to display?
To register, simply fill out the online registration form below (or paper registration forms are available at many farm equipment dealerships in Huron County). Please contact Lorne and Bonnie Glanville at lbgreenville@tcc.on.ca  or 519-527-1943 if you have questions.

To celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday, the Antiques Committee is seeking household items to create A Historical Household Display from four eras.
1. 1867 - Confederation
2. 1917-1919 - Canada is 50 and the end of WWI
3. 1946-1947 - Canada is 80 and the end of WWII, Port Albert Victory Match, Guys coming home
4. 1966-1967 - Canada is 100 and the Seaforth Match & Expo 67
If you have an item to showcase, simply fill out the online registration form below. Please contact Henry & Annette Hendriks at hhendriks@hurontel.on.ca or 519-529-7560 if you have questions.

Please note: The deadline for registering is September 1, 2017.

Please review IPM 2017 Antique & Historical Exhibitor's Safety Rules, Regulations and Information before registering. 

Register by completing the Online Registration Form for Antique and Historical Exhibitors. 

Preference will be given to unique antiques from Huron County and antiques with a strong connection to Huron County.

All applications are subject to a selection routine. Approval notice will be issued by the Ontario Plowmen’s Association and 2017 International Plowing Match and Rural Expo.