IPM 2017 Huron County Cookbook IPM 2017 Committee picutre

On November 28, 2015, at the 29th Annual Seaforth Toy & Craft Show & Sale, IPM 2017 had the opportunity (with special thanks to the Seaforth Agricultural Society) to unveil our cookbook Take a Tour Through Huron County Kitchens. We had such a great crowd that we were sold out of cookbooks within 2 ½ hours. Our second print of cookbooks was ready just in time for Christmas.

The cookbook is a 370 page book full of hundreds of favorite recipes contributed from across the kitchens of Huron County. Through the book you will find beautiful scenic photos courtesy of Bonnie Sitter. The cookbook has 12 different categories and recipes are listed with the contributors name and, if the information was provided, their relationship in the plowing community. 

The book has been put together by a hardworking committee who says: “It has been an adventure for us all. To those who took the time to contribute their favorite recipes to make this an interesting cookbook, we thank you.” 

The Take a Tour Through Huron County Kitchens has been proudly sponsored by the Huron Produce Division of Suntastic Hothouse Inc in Exeter. We are very grateful for the support.

At IPM 2017, the cookbooks sold out. For those who purchased this cookbook, we appreciate your support. We hope you find this tour through Huron County kitchens a pleasure. Enjoy!