IPM 2017 Huron County Barn Quilt Trail Picture of Barn Quilt Trail Book

Barn Quilt Trail map has been created for you to print off and take on your Barn Quilt journey. Download the map and list of locations here. The 8' x 8' barn quilts are also listed (with pictures and stoires) on the Ontario Barn Quilt Trail website.

In preparation for hosting the 100th IPM in Canada’s 150th Birthday year, homeowners throughout Huron County created barn quilts as part of the IPM beautification process. The Barn Quilts are now hung for all to see. 

Wow! This exciting venture has created 150 plus Barn Quilts...thank you, thank you, thank you! 

In honour of this accomplishment, an IPM Barn Quilt Trail book has been created. Copies are available to borrow through any Branch of the Huron County Library.

Didn’t make it in time for the IPM Barn Quilt Trail?...no worries! Keep creating and hanging Barn Quilts...the Huron County Barn Quilt Trail will continue to grow and decorate the country side. You can register your Barn Quilt (must be 8ft x 8ft and visible to the road as well) by emailing Vicky Morrison at grassrootsrr@gmail.com  or calling 519 525-3937 (she will guide you through the process and answer any questions you might have). Vicky will also be registering your Barn Quilt on the Ontario Barn Quilt Trail – www.barnquilttrails.ca.

Many thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen, including all the awesome Barn Quilters. The Barn Quilt Trail will now be a treasured memory of the IPM 2017 and the beauty of Huron County

For more information:
Barn Quilt Trail for IPM 2017: Vicky Morrison grassrootsrr@gmail.com

      Group of barn Quilt pics