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Cal Madill




Ken O’Brien




Connie Brown




Lealand Sibbick

705-726-9400 Ext 1174


OPA Director

Don Priest





Handle and direct to appropriate Executive Committee members and committee chairpersons all enquiries to IPM 2014.  Provide administrative support to the Executive Committee.

Denise Brown       705-220-0389        ipm2014office@gmail.com


Antiques & Historical Committee

Organize and manage an exhibit of farm equipment and artefacts of historical significance to Simcoe County.  Showcase local historical organizations, facilities and private collections.  Demonstrate the evolution of farming methods, farm machinery, including technological innovations.

Dave Lockhart   705-458-8351   davelockhart17@gmail.com


Bands & Parades

Organize all parades during the 2014 IPM.

Gary Croteau   705-424-2781    gcroteau41@gmail.com


Celebration of Excellence – Awards Banquet

Celebrate and showcase excellence related to farming.

Organize/coordinate all banquets.

Celebrate the Plowmen’s achievements during the match.

Lynn Price      705-424-5086        coolcomfort@live.ca


Education Committee

Build awareness with local school boards and arrange and manage the educational portion of the Plowing Match so that attending schools, children and families can experience agriculture in the county.  Provide demonstrations, displays to show how rural and urban are dependent on each other.

Anne Arksey  705-734-0375   marksey@rogers.com


Gates & Tickets

Work closely with OPA staff to coordinate and manage the sale of tickets for admission to the IPM.  Work closely with OPA staff to manage and staff all public entrances to Tented City.  To be good will ambassadors at all public entrances to Tented City.

Don Priest  705 728-8847 donviewclydes@gmail.com

Lealand Sibbick   705 726-9300 Ext 1174 lealand.sibbick@simcoe.ca


Transportation/Traffic & Parking Committee

Plan for an appropriate traffic flow in cooperation with local police.  Designate areas for various parking lots and map routes to handle traffic to General Parking.  Green Sticker Parking, Red Sticker Parking, Handicapped Parking.  Organize and assist the parking of vehicles outside the tented city.  Ensure a smooth flow of traffic before, during and after the competition.  Manage the parking for visitors, competitors, exhibitors and organizers during the match.

Anne and Bob Bell 705 424-9709  nanabell@rogers.com


Queen of the Furrow Committee   

Manage the Queen of the Furrow competition at IPM 2014.  Provide a memorable Queen of the Furrow experience for all participants.

Andrea Partridge  705-424-1166  partridge0167@gmail.com


Souvenir Committee

Promote and market all souvenirs related to IPM 2014.  Work closely with Marketing/Promotions Committee to ensure a successful IPM 2014.

Lyall Diceman   705-721-9272   lyall.diceman@georgiancollege.ca



Safety and Emergency Services

Work with the local EMS and Fire Department to monitor factors affecting health and the environment at the IPM as well as to coordinate all emergency services. 

Paul McDonald     705-623-3184   fire@essatownship.on.ca


Fundraising Committee

Identify financial and in-kind support from businesses and potential sponsors.  Work closely with OPA and local executive to identify and solicit corporate sponsorship.  Work with committee chairs in identifying fund-raising opportunities.

Cal Madill   705-321-1356 calmadill@royallepage.ca


Cookbook Committee

Organize the 2014 IPM Cookbook.

Jeanette Bradbury    705-458-9449    Bradbury.ja@gmail.com


V.I.P. Tent

Lynda Bidwell    705-726-0356    lyndajbidwell@hotmail.com


R.V. Park

Organize, set up, prepare and manage the RV trailer park for approximately 1500 RVs.

Bob and Debbie Corbett  705 322-2838   rdcstables@hotmail.ca

Co-Chair John Corbett   johncorbett07@hotmail.com


County Exhibits & Local Displays Committee

Showcase Simcoe County and local municipalities to all IPM visitors.  Provide an attractive venue for municipalities to promote their interests to visitors.

Rachel Sullivan        Manager, Economic Development     705-726-9300 x1045        rachel.sullivan@simcoe.ca


Lands Committee

Work with Executive to secure lands for plowing, tented city, RV park, parking, etc.  Provide facilities and services for plowing contestants who compete in the various plowing competitions at the IPM.  Assist the executive and OPA in coordinating all activities related to the use of land.

Barry Degeer        705-719-9816 home       705-734-5193 cell                       deebryan@hotmail.com


Tractor Park

Provide a functional Tractor Park for IPM.  Organize a secure area for competitors and wagon tour tractors and provide maintenance assistance.

Keith Robinson                  705-458-2596


Rural Living Lifestyles Committee

Provide and manage exhibits of interest to all family members to showcase Simcoe County, past, present and the future.  Organize the Food Demonstration, Fashion & More tent.

Sue Kerslake   suejkerslake14@gmail.com


Accommodations Committee

Ensure that quality/adequate accommodations (Hotels, Motels, B&Bs, etc.) are available for all IPM visitors at a reasonable price.  Provide information about available accommodations for those planning to attend the IPM, including pricing as well as distances from the match site.  Prepare a binder with necessary information for information booths so as to provide quality and correct information to volunteers who will then provide this information to the attendees.

Kathryn Stephenson                         Kathryn.Stephenson@simcoe.ca


Church Service Committee

Organize the Sunday Interdenominational church service.  Ensure that uplifting Interdenominational Service of worship featuring quality music and inspirational guest speaker happens.

Rev. Heather Melnick            705-424-0779   livingfaithbaxter@gmail.com


Wagon Tours

Provide for movement of people from the parking areas to the match as well as people movers within Tented City.  Ensure safe and reliable transportation of guesses, to and from parking to tented city and plowing competitions.  Provide Wagon tours to the plowing fields.

Gord Coutts        cougor.b@gmail.com


Quilt Committee

Organize Quilt competitions and Quilt show.

Donna Kleingebbinnck   705-322-2513    donnakg277@gmail.com


Lunch Committee

Organize a team of people who will provide nutritional lunches every day of the match as per OPA requirements.  Oversee the delivery of lunches to plowmen, wagon tour tractor operators, etc. every day of the match.

Alex MacKenzie   705-333-2734


Lounge Tent 

To arrange and administer licensed/public lounge that will operate during the week of IPM.  To provide a wholesome and healthy multi-functional licensed entertainment center.  To be responsible for all alcoholic sales during the match.

Earl Logan –  905 775-6144   dlogin@rogers.com


Horse Plowing Committee

Provide adequate facilities for the plowing competitors and horses.  Provide stables and feed for horses used in the plowing competitions during the IPM.  Organize security for the horses overnight during the IPM.  Set up breakfast and lunch schedules and BBQ and prizes.

Gerald Sullivan    705-322-1559  Cell 705-330-1731        gsullivan@kjbeamish.ca


Marketing/Publicity Committee

Coordinate advertising, public relations, external communications, media relations and special promotions for IPM 2014.  Work closely with the Souvenir Committee to ensure a successful IPM 2014.

Cal Madill   705-728-4067 calmadill@royallepage.ca



Wendy Harry 705-424-1729     TCB4E@primus.ca

Salley Olley 705-715-4661


Welcoming Committee

Organize and manage a competition to encourage individuals, schools, churches and businesses to beautify their properties and create a special welcome to visitors coming to Simcoe County.


Ron and Helen Coutts   705-721-0587   roheco@sympatico.ca

Committee Members

Janice McCuaig  705-722-4173   jonelma@sympatico.ca

Leslie Jennings   705-279-5375  jennings.leslie@gmail.com


Traffic & Security – OPP Pat Disaverio   Pat.Disaverio@ontario.ca


Public Works/Roads  - Township of Essa

Dan Perreault   dperreault@essatownship.on.ca



County of Simcoe