The 2014 International Plowing Match Quilt Competition is open to all. This is a great opportunity to showcase your quilting skills to a large and enthusiastic audience. The 15 categories offer something for every taste, technique and ability.
All entries will be displayed during the quilt show held on May 9-10, 2014 at the Simcoe County Museum, when judging will take place and prizes will be awarded.
All quilts entered will be exhibited in the Lifestyles Area at the 2014 Simcoe County International Plowing Match and Rural Expo September 16-20, 2014.


1. Quilters are permitted to enter more than one quilt in a category. However, the same quilter cannot win more than one prize per category.
2. Entries must meet all specifications described in each category including size requirements.
3. Quilts must have been completed after May 2012.
4. Quilts may be delivered in person to:
Donna Klein Gebbinck
2688 Flos Rd. 7 West, Elmvale
or directly to
Simcoe County Museum
on May 5, 2014 between 10am—1pm
5. Entries will be judged prior to the International Plowing Match at the Good Old Days—Modern New Ways Quilt Show May 9-10, 2014. Decisions of the Judges and the Quilt committee are final.
6. It is your responsibility to give credit to the original designer of your quilt pattern based on copyright rules.

 Youth are encouraged to enter all categories. There is no fee for Youth entries. Prizes are subject to change without notice. 
Prizes may be awarded in cash or in product. 
Viewers’ Choice—sponsored prize
Judges’ Choice—sponsored prize 
The prize values are as follows, unless otherwise stated: 
1st Place $125
2nd Place $75
3rd Place $50
1. Theme Wall Quilt—”Good Old Days—Modern New Ways”
Your interpretation of the theme. Hand or machine quilted. Perimeter no more than 200 inches.
2. Pieced Quilt—Hand Quilted
Pieced by hand or machine, hand quilted. Minimum perimeter 324 inches.
3. Appliquéd Quilt—Hand Quilted
Appliquéd by hand, hand quilted. Minimum perimeter 324 inches.
4. Pieced Quilt—Machine Quilted
Pieced by machine and quilted on a domestic sewing machine. Minimum perimeter 324 inches.
5. Appliquéd Quilt—Machine Quilted
Appliquéd by hand or machine and quilted on a domestic sewing machine. Minimum perimeter of 324 inches.
6. Pieced and Appliquéd Combination Quilt
Pieced and appliquéd by hand or machine and quilted by hand or machine. Minimum perimeter of 324 inches.
7. Group Quilt
Work of 3 or more people. Pieced, appliquéd or combination, Hand, domestic or long arm quilted. Minimum of 324 inches.
  8. Miniature Quilt
Any theme, any technique(s). Hand or machine quilted. Maximum perimeter of 96 inches.
9. Original Wallhanging
Pieced or appliquéd. Hand or machine quilted. Maximum perimeter of 160 inches. Submit documentation (sketches or photos)
10. Wearable Art
Pieced, appliquéd or other technique. Hand or machine quilted.
11. Wholecloth Quilt
Hand or machine quilted. Minimum perimeter 324 inches.
12. Pieced or Appliquéd Quilt—Long Arm Quilted
Minimum perimeter 324 inches.
13. Open Class
Perimeter size between 120 inches and 324 inches.
14. Youth Open Class—Ages under 13—no entry fee
Youth who are age 13 by Dec 31, 2013. Any technique. Any theme.
15. Youth Open Class—Ages 14-18—no entry fee
Youth who are age 18 by Dec 31, 2013. Any technique. Any theme.


Send one copy of the Quilt Competition Form, entry description, & a non-refundable $10.00 entry fee for each quilt—payable by cheque or money order to:
Simcoe County IPM 2014—Quilts
Donna Klein Gebbinck
2688 Flos Rd. 7 West, Elmvale , Ontario
L0L 1P0

Deadline for Entry Forms: April 1, 2014

1. Entries must be completely finished, clean and in good condition. Please baste a piece of fabric over any permanent name label on your quilt.
2. Attach a 6 inch hanging sleeve (please see directions below) to the back of all quilts / wall hangings.
3. Submit each entry in a clear plastic bag marked with your name, address, phone number and the competition category.
4. Enclose the second copy of your completed entry form with your quilt(s). Retain the original for proof of ownership.
5. Quilts may be delivered in person to Donna Klein Gebbinck, 2688 Flos Road 7 West, Elmvale or directly to the Simcoe County Museum on May 5th, 2014 from 10am to 1pm.
6. For special arrangements or more information, call
Donna at 705-322-2513
Sherri at 705-734-0702

1. Cut a 13” wide fabric strip, cutting it 1” shorter than the top width measurement of the quilt. Hem each end, enclosing raw edges.
2. With wrong sides together and long edges even, stitch using inch seam allowance. Center the seam allowance on the back side of the sleeve and press. For the larger quilts, the sleeve should be split in two leaving a 2” opening at the centre of the sleeve for ease in hanging the guilt.
3. Center the sleeve along the top of the quilt, with the seam allowance of the sleeve next to the quilt back. Attach the sleeve by stitching along both long edges. The sleeve will be narrower than the quilt, but this allows a dowel to be inserted into the sleeve without showing.


General Appearance
 Visual impact, attracts attention
 Backing smooth and wrinkle free
 Neat, clean, no unsightly chalk, pencil marks or blood stains
 Quilt should lay / hang flat
 No batting threads or knots showing on front or back
 No odours—smoke / pet / perfume free
Design, Colour, Material
 Balance, rhythm, proportion
 Interesting combination of large & small, light and dark
 Design of quilting enhances the quilt pattern
 Scale and proportion of pieces and shapes relate to each other and to size of quilt
 Scallops, picots, or additional features complement design of quilt and quilting
 Attractive combinations
 Top and back harmonize
 Prints and solids used in pleasing relationships
 Harmonious, balanced use of colour and value (light to dark)
Outer Fabrics
 Selvage must be removed
 Suitable materials as they relate to design and function
 Suitable weight for article
 Suitable to technique used
 Evenly distributed
 Stitches uniform & evenly spaced on both front & back without knots or thread build-up from backstitching
 The spacing of lines of quilting should be appropriate to the type of batting chosen
 Design marking lines should not be visible
 Straight and Even
 Design is appropriate for the quilt
 Square corners mitred
 Binding to be appropriate to the design of the quilt
 Sewn on top by machine and on back with small, even, invisible stitches
 Should be uniformly filled
 Should complement the top of the quilt
 Should lie flat with no puckers and no knots
 Should have a permanent label attached to the quilt with the quilt maker’s name(s), quilt title, design source and other pertinent information.
Construction Tips
 May be joined by machine but no machine stitching should show
 Points should be sharp
 Intersections meet evenly and flat
 Curves should be precise
 Blocks line up accurately with each other
 Seams pressed towards darker patches where feasible
 For traditional appliqué, the raw edges of the appliqué should be turned under smoothly with consistent stitches (inconspicuous or decorative)
 Where stitches are meant to be inconspicuous, the thread should blend with the appliqué piece
 Hand appliquéd stitches should be small and invisible
 Machine appliquéd stitches should be even and close together, with no raw edge of appliqué showing beyond machine stitching
 No shadow of appliqué seam allowance should show against background
 Appliqué finishing technique should be appropriate for style of quilt

IPM 2014 Quilt Competition Entry Form
Enclosed is my completed entry form, description and a non-refundable $10.00 entry fee (no fee required for youth entries), payable to:
Simcoe County IPM 2014 —Quilts
Deadline for entry: April 1, 2014
City / Town:____________________________________ Postal Code: ___________________
Phone Number:_________________________________
Quilt Title:___________________________________________________________________
Category # __________________________________________________________________
Estimated Value: _______________________________
Size of Quilt: ___________________________________
Quilted by: __________________________________________________________________
 Date of Birth: (applicable only if entering in categories 14 & 15)


IPM 2014 Quilt Entry Form


Quilting Competition PDF File