IPM 2017 School Program 


The International Plowing Match & Rural Expo (IPM) is a showcase of agricultural excellence that aims to teach about agricultural practice and allow students a closer look at farming in its many forms. The experience promises to be interactive and informative, and presenters will engage students of all ages throughout their day at the Match.

Click here to download our Educational Pamphlet.

Along with the education tents, students and staff will have the opportunity to:

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  • explore displays and demonstrations of various farm equipment
  • learn about the heritage and history of Ontario agriculture
  • enjoy live performances by various entertainers, including Daniel Steep, Agri-Magic shows

The IPM is host to 8,000 to 12,000 students over the course of the Match. 

Register Your School to Attend IPM 2017

Register your classes and schools by emailing educationipm2017@gmail.com.

The online registration is now closed. In June, we will send an email to schools that registered online to confirm the date each school will be attending. To make changes in student and adult attendees, please emaieducationipm2017@gmail.com.

Educational Resources

 Coming soon...more educational resources!

  • Plowing Passport (check back in September)
  • Transportation and Mapping Information (check back in September)

This web page is under development...please check back!