School Registration



Spring 2015 - Register your school at

  • Follow prompts to begin a new registration
  • Registration Information 
    • select preferred date to attend, arrival and departure times
    • option to enter the Scarecrow Competition (see website for details). Check all boxes that apply.
  • Student Fee - Enter estimates for:
    • total number of students attending
    • number of students age 5 and under (free)
    • number of students age 6 and over ($5)
    • number of supervisors that exceed the following ratios ($17)
      • (Primary 1:5 free, Junior/Intermediate 1:10 free, Secondary 1:15 free)
    • This will produce a projected fee for your school. Note, the balance owing is based on your estimated numbers. The account balance will automatically adjust when you finalize your attendee numbers in September.
    • Your estimates (students, buses etc) are vital to the Education Committee as we complete our plans for IPM2015.
  • Checkout
    • Create a password for your registration and place your deposit (min $25). Continue to the Confirmation page to complete your registration and to print a receipt. Use the link provided to return to the main IPM website or close the browser window to end your session.
    • *If you do not receive your registration confirmation email check your SPAM folder as some school board servers redirect these types of email. *

Registration Updates

Once your registration has been confirmed you may return at any time, using your login details (email and password) to review or to edit your registration form. Use (Update Registration) as the payment option, as any changes must be verified through the Checkout process.

September 2015

  1. Login to your account
  2. School Contact Detail page - if necessary adjust estimated # of buses for your school
  3. Student Fee Calculation Page - adjust estimates to exact number of students/supervisors
  4. Continue to Checkout to complete payment of balance owing
  5. Continue to Confirmation page and print receipt
  6. Close browser window to end your session

To download a pdf of these instructions, click here.

Text/Phone: 613-360-3231 (Terry Gove)