2022 Local Branch Plowing Matches

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 DATE  Location
Algoma (St. Joseph)
  Hosted by: 
Contact: Cori Murdock 705-542-2194 corimurdock@gmail.com
Sept 2 Hosted by: Ernewein Farms Limited - Bert, Steve and Sean Ernewien. 939 Concession Rd 4, Brockton (south of Chepstow).
Contact: John Gillespie 519-395-5248 jgilles@hurontel.on.ca or Tom Evans 519-901-1076 tommyrollover@gmail.com
Aug 13 
Hosted by: Jim De Brouwer. 11459 Ed's Line, Blenheim.
Stephanie Campbell 519-365-5952 ckplowing@outlook.com 
 Sept 3 Hosted by: Kefay Farms Inc. 180 Medd Rd, Port Perry.
Contact: Jim & Norma Ferguson 705-357-3069 jnferg4750@gmail.com 
Sept 10  Hosted by: Ian Foster. 48760 Ron McNeil Line, Alymer.
Anita Speers 519-777-7043 ElginPlowing@gmail.com or Brian Lunn lunnfarms@gmail.com
 Aug 6 Hosted by: Randy and Betsy Wismer. 4094 Concession 4 North, Amherstburg.
Contact: Murray McLeod 519-890-4765 murray.a.mcleod1956@gmail.com
Frontenac (County)
Sept 11  Hosted by: Charlie and Colleen Sloan. 3118 Sunbury Rd, Inverary.
Contact: Martin Oomen 613-583-4761 martyo@kingston.net
Frontenac (Wolfe Island)
Sept 10  Hosted by: Henry and Janine Posthumus. 1227 Reeds Bay Rd, Wolfe Island.
Contact: Janine Posthumus 613-985-5732 janine.handforth@queensu.ca or Henry Posthumus 613-561-5732
No Match in 2022  Hosted by: 
Contact: Ross MacGillivray 613-551-5764 or Rob McDonald 613-577-0957 laurrob_farms@hotmail.com  
No Match in 2022  2022 International Plowing Match & Rural Expo - North Grenville, United Counties of Leeds & Grenville

Grey (Bentinck)
Oct 1  Hosted by: Jack and Elizabeth Milligan. 213475 Baseline Rd, West Grey.
Contact: Susan Spielmacher 519-374-0380 s.spielmacher@hotmail.ca  or Darryl Hopkins 519-374-7044 hopkins_363@hotmail.com 
Grey (Keppel-Sarawak)
Sept 3  Hosted by: Doug and Paul Sutherland. 323545 East Linton SR W, Kemble.
Craig Cameron 519-375-2938 ccameplow@gmail.com or Garth Henry 519-270-1779
Grey (Normanby) 
Sept 10  Hosted by: Laurence and Renske Helmuth. 102125 Concession 6, Ayton.
Contact: Jay Lennox 519-374-4055 lennoxlambs@wightman.ca or Justine Lennox 226-751-3129 justineglennox@gmail.com
Grey (North)
Oct 15  Hosted by: Davenport Family. 458110 Grey Rd 11, Owen Sound.
Contact: Keith Davenport 519-379-7281
Oct 15  Hosted by: Steve Moodie. Corner of Windecker and Con 2, Cayuga.
Susan Sidenberg 905-765-0772 suesidenberg@yahoo.com
Haldimand (Oneida)
Oct 8  Hosted by: Matt and Jordan Regan. 1535 Concession !0, Walpole, Hagersville.
Mark Vaarkamp 905-981-2758 oneidaplowmen@gmail.com or Jordan Regan 905-719-1411 oneidaplowmen@gmail.com
Aug 26 Hosted by: Bob Allison. 10740 15 Side Road, Georgetown (Halton Hills).
Contact: Carl Hadfield 289-971-1815 rcarlhadfield@hotmail.com or Cecil Patterson 905-691-7142 cpatterson@live.ca
Hosted by: G & R Striker. 2139 County Rd 5, Quinte West.
Contact: Clare Dracup 613-847-7138 claredracup@yahoo.com or Sam Reid 613-920-0206 samreid114@gmail.com
Aug 19 Hosted by: Brian & Annette Mackenzie. 85399 St Helens Line, St Helens (Lucknow).
Brian Wiersma 519-955-1738 brianwiersma3@gmail.com or Joan Ryan 519-237-3806 mjryan@hay.net
Sept 3 Hosted by: 1748 Rokeby Line, St. Clair Township.
Contact: Kody Vandevenne 519-809-0137 or Linda Bryson 519-828-3311 dlbryson@brktel.on.ca
Aug 13 Hosted by: Doug Craig and Family. 542 Rosedale Rd, Smith Falls.
Contact: Adrianna Wilson 613-857-7644 aldowdall@gmail.com
Aug 13  Hosted by: John Male and Family. 9146 Addison Rd/County Rd 30, Addison.
Contact: Brittany Carkner 613-803-4417 bri.carkner@dal.ca
Sept 5  Hosted by: Robert and Wendy McCallum. West side of Petty St (North of Wardell Dr), Ailsa Craig.
Richard Elliott 519-521-4318 rickyelliott@live.com
Niagara North (Caistor)
Oct 12 Hosted by: Kevin Sisler. East of 8838 Concession Rd 2, Caistor Centre/West Lincoln.
Contact: Ross Bush 905-957-3460 rsbush70@gmail.com
Niagara North (Lincoln)
Oct 11  Hosted by: Brian Black. 6573 Canborough Rd, Wellandport.
Rebecca Griffon 905-572-0128 contact.nnpa@gmail.com or Norman Vaughan 905-386-6878
  Hosted by: 
Contact: Marie Chambers 519-443-8751 or Pat Ferris 519-443-8818 ferrisdavid120@gmail.com
Oct 8  Hosted by: 1569 Carruthers Rd, Cobourg.
Contact: Allan Carruthers 905-376-5049 carruthersallan@gmail.com or Terry Linton 705-924-2791 terrylinton@hotmail.com
Aug 27 Hosted by: Dave and Bonnie Ostrum. 8472 Franktown Rd, Ashton.
Linda Payant lgpayant@hotmail.com  613-327-9332 or Sharen Armstrong sharenarm@hotmail.com  613-913-0721
Oxford (Blenheim)
No Match in 2022
Contact: Ruth Fried 519-696-2774 ruth_fried@live.ca
Oxford (County)
Aug 20
Hosted by: Glen Sharples. 475699 Zorra/East Zorra-Tavistock Line, Embro. PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED.
Joan Westbrook 519-468-1110 tojocanada@hotmail.com or Donna Wilson wilfarm@golden.net 519-462-2430
Sept 1 Hosted by: Pinelea Farms. 14523 Torbram Rd, Caledon.
Contact: Jessica Stevens 519-400-3160 pdplowmens@gmail.com
 Aug 27  Hosted by: Herb and Anna Meulensteen (cropped by John Berlett). 8270 Road 152, Listowel.
Contact: Clayton Terpstra 519-444-8700 clayton@tandafarms.ca or Bryan Bertrand 519-565-5927 bryan.b@tcc.on.ca
Oct 1  Hosted by: Mary and Ken MacFarlane. Field just north of 1570 Drummond Line, Otonabee (watch for signs).
Contact: Warren G. Craft 705-932-5047 craftee@nexicom.net
Sept 10  Hosted by: Ferme Agriber Inc. Marc Bercier. 240 Caledonia Rd, Saint Isidore.
Contact: Charles Leduc cleduc@dynaloadcorp.ca
  Hosted by: 
Contact: Yves Rochon 613-851-2169 yves.rochon@magellan.aero or Penny Rochon 613-646-7737 kasaboskiruthp@rcdsb.on.ca 
Russell (Clarence-Rockland)
Sept 17 Hosted by: Ferme Patrick and Hughuette Buttler. 1702 Baseline, Clarence Creek.
Contact: Robert Chartrand 613-488-2828 2550 lucilelalonde@gmail.com 
Aug 20  Hosted by: Barry and Dee DeGeer. 2551 Floss Rd 6, Phelpston.
Contact: Barry DeGeer 705-734-5193 deebryan@hotmail.com or Bob Corbett 705-817-8352 rdcstables@hotmail.com
Oct 8  Hosted by: Denis and Mary Fife. 14740 Road 43, Finch.
Kelsey Smith 613-363-7382 kelseysmith.16@hotmail.com or Alyssa Waldroff 613-362-0957 awaldroff05@gmail.com
No Match in 2022  Hosted by: 
Contact: Roch Loranger 705-647-2731 rloranger@parolink.net or Natalie Breault 705-648-3885 breaultn@hotmail.com
No Match in 2022
Contact: Norma Gorrill 705-953-9619 normagorrill@gmail.com
Waterloo (North Dumfries)
Oct 17  Hosted by: Jeff Stager. 1784 Northumberland St, Ayr. Pre-registration is requested by Sept 26th.
Contact: Jen Taylor 519-841-7461 secretary.wndpa@gmail.com or Cathie Moore 519-716-7561 alpsview9@gmail.com
Wellington Sept 17  Hosted by: Arthur and Beverly Davis. 5957 5th Line, Rockwood. (PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED by email wellingtonplowmen@gmail.com)
Contact: Arthur Davis 519-820-4000 bevdavis818@gmail.com or Joey Parkinson 519-829-8148 jparkins@alumni.uoguelph.ca
Wentworth (North)
 Aug 27 Hosted by: Robert and Joanne Alblas. 775 Sager Rd, Branchton.
Contact: Alex McIntyre 519-242-3326 bunkert1947@gmail.com
Wentworth (South)
Oct 14 Hosted by: Doug and Sue Luehmann. 1403 Trinity Rd, Ancaster.
Contact: Allan Calder allancalder1950@gmail.com 905-818-1974 or Michelle Lovegrove swplowmens@gmail.com