Educational Activities

Ketchup on My Fries
An all-age, printer-friendly story about Elijah & Isaiah discovering how their favourite snack is made. The story can be used as an educational bedtime story and as a colouring activity! [Select the image to download pdf.]

Ketchup on my fries Page 01

Farm Seek and Find
A 3-page printable activity for young children. Let you kids have some fun finding and colouring in various farm animals! [Select the image to download pdf.]

 Farm Seek and Find Page 3

History of Plowing
This document contains educational activities for teachers to print for class use before going to the International Plowing Match. We invite students to take a step back in time and understand some farming basics. The plow is a very important agricultural tool, simple yet historic, plowing begins on many farms even today as the first step to producing food. The Teacher's Guide (Starts page 5). Includes learning expectations for grade 1-6 and fun experiment activities to integrate into various class subjects, including science, social studies and history. [Select the image to download pdf.]

History Plowing Page 01