IPM 2022 School Program
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The International Plowing Match & Rural Expo (IPM) is a showcase of agricultural excellence that aims to teach about agricultural practice and allow students a closer look at farming in its many forms. The experience promises to be interactive and informative and will engage students of all ages throughout their day at the Match.

The IPM is host to 8,000 to 12,000 students over the course of the 5-day Match.

Online School Registration

Thank you for your interest in attending the International Plowing Match and Rural Expo 2022. 
Please register all classes in the Online Registration Form unless they are attending on separate days. 
The fee is $5.00 per student (including tax).
Please provide the email address of one School Contact person.
Payments can be made by cheque or credit card.
Registration deadline is Friday September 16, 2022.


Note:  Actual number of attendees will be verified on your date of attendance.  If there is a change in numbers between when you register to when you attend, adjustments in payment will be made. 
There is Sensory and Quiet space in the Library section of the Education Tent.


Curriculum Links

Have you ever had a farm related question that you'd love to know the answer to?
Here's your chance! Find out how to participate in our "Ask a Farmer" initiative here.


Educational Links


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