We had a wonderful weekend (August 19-20)! A great success. Approximately 1000 people attended!

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS! The list of winners can be downloaded here.  Buy Tickets IPM 2022
All the impressive and amazing quilts will be displayed in the Quilt Tent at IPM 2022 from September 20 to 24 (included in price of IPM admission).
Find out IPM 2022 ticket details here.

To see hightlights from the August Quilt Show, watch this wonderful video.
The Quilt Committee is looking forward to seeing everyone at the IPM! Watch the short "See You in September" video here.

Home on the Farm WB George 1000x

Below are details from the IPM 2022 August Quilt Show.

The IPM Quilt Show is back! Please join us on August 19 & 20 -  W.B. GEORGE CENTRE, 48 SHEARER ST, KEMPTVILLE, ONTARIO

Admission to the Quilt Show is $10 cash at the door.

Friday, August 19, 2022 - 10 am to 7 pm
Saturday, August 20, 2022 - 10 am to 4 pm

Quilts on Display

The IPM 2022 Quilt Committee is delighted to announce that 170 quilts were entered in the Quilt Competition. The entries include a wide range of artistry & creativity. All were created after August 2020 and many of the quilts represent how time was passed during the pandemic - they have become history objects. Every quilt tells a story. The maker is asked to provide a name to the quilt - the name of the pattern and pattern maker (and if a design of their own - to give it a name). There is prize money for most of the categories with $100 for 1st, $75 for 2nd and $50 for 3rd. Bragging rights are priceless! The quilts will be professionally judged before the Quilt Show. Categories: Art Quilt, Crib/Toddler Quilt, Miniature Quilt, Wall Hanging, Pandemic Projects, Appliqued Quilts, Pieced Quilts, Modern Quilts, Quarantine Quilts, Youth Quilts, Long Armed Professional and Barn Quilts. (We had a wonderful response to our call for Barn Quilts and there will be approximately 30 barn quilts on display. Be sure to check them out and to vote for your favourite!) We are also fortunate to have a few quilts entered that were in Vancouver in June 2022 for Quilt Canada.

IPM 2022 Quilt Raffle

Quilt Raffle tickets are $2 each. The IPM 2022 Raffle Quilt is made up of 25 blocks selected from the IPM Quilt Committee Quilt Block Challenge held earlier this year — Home on the Farm: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow.


The vendors attending the Quilt Show cater to quilters, including fabric & notions, books, thread artisan, coats, and travel opportunities. 


Demonstrations will be offered at different times and will last approximately 15-20 minutes each. There will be a limit of 20 - 25 people allowed into each demonstration. 

Quilt Show Demonstrations Word Art GraphicDemonstration Schedule (Sign up for the demonstrations at the Quilt Show.)

Friday, August 19
12 pm (noon): Pat Lemaire - Jelly Roll Quilts. From a jelly roll to a flimsy. Explore many different patterns using jelly rolls.
1:45 pm: Pat Lemaire - Placemats with Perfectly Mitred Corners. A simple technique with wonderful results every time.
2:30 pm: Pat Lemaire - Free Motion. Setting up your space for free motion stitching. Also will guide you on setting up your machine and some basic stitches.
4 pm: Thea Chouinard - Log Cabin Santa/Gnome. A fun way to use up scraps to make an Ornament or Bottle topper.
6 pm: Irene Blais - Wine Coasters are a great little gift and useful for the Christmas season of entertaining.
Saturday, August 20
12 pm (noon): Pat Lemaire - Art techniques for Quilting. How to use your thread bits for art/clothing. Will talk about Shiva sticks..crayons..plastic and more.
1:45 pm: Pat Lemaire - Crumb Quilts. Learn basic techniques to make blocks. Will demonstrate making blocks and show completed flimsies and completed quilts with different crumb block layout.
2:30 pm: Donna Saddler: Binding 101. How to cut, attach, apply, finish.

Tea Room

Take time while at the Quilt Show to enjoy a tea & dessert and visit with friends. 
British Tea will be served from 11 am - 2 pm on Friday & Saturday, and from 4 - 7 pm on Friday.
Beverages and snacks are available from 10 - 11 am and 2 - 4 pm on Friday & Saturday.
Take out available for breaks and lunch, as well as pre-ordered 3-tier British Tea specially packaged for take out.

Bed Turning

What is a bed turning? A bed turning is an opportunity to tell a story about a number of selected quilts. Every quilt has a story and in a bed turning - the stage is set with a bed and the bed is layered with a number of quilts. A narrator tells a brief story about each quilt and two assistants - each wearing white gloves and assisting by holding up the top most quilt while its story is told. Then that quilt is folded and set aside and the next quilt is displayed by the two assistants and the narrator tells the story of the next quilt, and so on, and so on. Bed turnings originate back to our settler days where after a long winter, an invitation would be extended to the women in an area by a quilter, and they would gather around the bed of the quilter hostess, and she would show the quilts she had made. Tea and desserts would also be shared during the visit. At quilt shows today scheduled times for bed turnings have become popular events.

The bed turnings are scheduled for Friday, August 19 and Saturday, August 20 - 11:45 am and 1:15 pm | Friday, August 19 - 4:45 pm.
You can watch the Bed Turning from the quilt display area (or in the Tea Room during British Tea - see below).

British TeaBritish Tea Room and Bed Turning - $20 (RSVPs required)Have British Tea while watching the bed turning!
Download the British Tea Invitation here and the menu here.
Friday, August 19 and Saturday, August 20 - 11:45 am and 1:15 pm | Friday, August 19 - 4:45 pm  | 24 spots per time slot
To reserve your spot, email kdh_volunteer@kdh.on.ca or call 613-258-4581

Meet the IPM 2022 Quilt Committee

Members are from five partner groups: Victoria Quilts Kemptville, Thousand Islands Quilters’ Guild, Upper Canada Quilters’ Guild, Kemptville Quilt Guild, and the Kemptville District Hospital Auxiliary (August Quilt Show Tea Room)



The Quilts will also be on display in the Quilt Tent (September 20 to 24) at IPM 2022.
Admission information is posted here.

Contact the IPM 2022 Quilt Committee - quiltsipm2022@gmail.com