Buses must follow traffic/bus arrival signs to the IPM site. If you see a No Through Traffic sign on County Rd 10, continue on, as it is open to local and IPM traffic.

Address for School Buses: 334056 7th line, Amaranth (43.951323, -80.246282)

The best and most direct route working with traffic and road closures is as follows: turn north off of Highway 9 on Sideroad 5 heading towards Laurel. Turn West onto Side Road 10 towards the village of Bowling Green. Buses must turn right onto 7 line and follow signs to the Bus Parking/ Green Sticker Parking /Accessible Parking lot.

There will be a parking lot attendant at the road to help guide buses in. Follow roadway into field to the top end of Bus Parking/ Green Sticker Parking /Accessible Parking lot. Drivers will follow signs to the arrival area to allow students to disembark. There will be parking lot and education volunteer onsite to help buses arrive in position to unload.

Buses that are staying onsite and parking for the day must follow the roadway back towards the 7 Line and park at the front of Bus Parking/Green Sticker Parking/Accessible Parking lot.

See map below:
Red star: education gate and student disembarkation zone
Blue star: bus parking
Yellow arrows: Bus route to 2023 IPM.

IPM 2023 Education Program

The International Plowing Match & Rural Expo (IPM) is a showcase of agricultural excellence that aims to teach about agricultural practice and allow students a closer look at farming in its many forms. The experience promises to be interactive and informative and will engage students of all ages throughout their day at the Match.

Why attend? 

  • Interactive, informative and engaging exhibits, demonstrations for all ages.
  • Hands on activities, real life learning and curriculum connections.
  • Explore food origins, plant and animal biology, environmental science and conservation, careers in agriculture, history of Dufferin County and more!

The IPM is host to 8,000 to 12,000 students over the course of the 5-day Match (Tuesday, September 19 to Saturday, September 23).

Registration is closed for the 2023 International Plowing Match and Rural Expo. Schools that have not registered - please contact Brianne Curtis at [email protected].


Discover how the 2023 IPM and Rural Expo connects food, agriculture and our local community to Ontario's K-12 curriculum. Connections to science, math, language, health, arts, environmental and social studies. Download the Curriculum Connections document to learn more!

Questions? Contact the IPM 2023 Education Committee - [email protected]

Photos From Past Matches

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