Queen of the Furrow Competition

Queen of the Furrow Competition


Top Three Finalists

  • Winner: Mel Karpenko, Peel Dufferin Plowmen's (2nd in plowing; also won Miss Friendship)
  • 1st Runner Up: Jacquelyn Easson, Haldimand Oneida Plowmen's
  • 2nd Runner Up: Annie Watson, Elgin Plowmen's (also placed 1st in the Plowing Competition)

Plowing Competition, Top Five

  1. Annie Watson, Elgin Plowmen's
  2. Melissa Karpenko, Peel Dufferin Plowmen's
  3. Jacquelyn Easson, Haldimand Oneida Plowmen's
  4. Shayna Morphy, Wellington
  5. Morgan Rombouts, Lambton Plowmen's

Miss Friendship
Mel Karpenko, Peel Dufferin Plowmen's

Ontario Queen of the Furrow Competition -
Presented by the Ontario Mutual Insurance Association


Hello and Welcome to Bowling Green to celebrate the 2023 International Plowing Match and Rural Expo (IPM). For the first time in the 104-year history of the IPM this is the first year it will be held in Dufferin County, how exciting is that! I look forward to having you join us in recognition of the vibrant history and culture of the agriculture industry, both here in Dufferin County and throughout Ontario. The IPM offers an abundance of exhibits, demonstrations and competitions, and visitors will enjoy an immerse experience of this beautiful County of Dufferin.

My name is Maranda Klaver and I am honored to represent the Ontario Plowmen’s Association (OPA) as the Ontario Queen of the Furrow. I am equally as proud to represent my home County of Huron. I’ve had a fantastic reign thus far, with many opportunities and experiences; this opportunity promoting the IPM and OPA is something I will cherish forever.

This match would not be possible without all the dedication and efforts of a tremendous amount of volunteers, board and committee members, host landowners, sponsors, and the local community of Bowling Green. During your visit, you’ll see for yourself the magnitude of this celebration and tireless efforts required to ensure its success.

I would like to thank all the competitors for participating and making this a memorable event, and good luck to all of you. Enjoy your time at the International Plowing Match! From the plow fields to the tented city, it is sure to be a great experience for all!

Queen of the Furrow Competition Schedule at IPM 2023

  • Thursday, September 21 at 2 pm - Queens' Plowing (via Gate 3)
  • Friday, September 22 at 9:30 am - Queens' Speeches (The Ontario Mutuals Main Stage)
  • Friday, September 22 at 6 pm - Celebration of Excellence (tickets)

Queen of the Furrow Competitors

Queen Name Branch Association
Abby Reed Hastings Plowmen's Association
Amy Dafoe Peterborough Plowmen's Association
Annie Watson Elgin Plowmen's Association
Elizabeth Dowdall Lanark Plowmen's Association
Hanna van Stuyvenberg Bruce Plowmen's Association
Jacquelyn Easson Haldimand Oneida Plowmen's Association
Janet Bruce Oxford County Plowmen's Association
Megan Fisher Grey Normanby Plowmen's Association
Meghan McLeod Durham Plowmen's Association
Melissa Karpenko Peel Dufferin Plowmen's Association
Morgan Rombouts Lambton Plowmen's Association
Regan Carkner Leeds Plowmen's Association
Rhiannah Gallagher Ottawa-Carlton Plowmen's Association
Shayna Morphy Wellington Plowmen's Association