IPM 2014 Site SignIntroduction Invitation

The 2014 International Plowing Match and Rural Expo is coming to Simcoe County, near the settlement of Ivy, from September 16 to 20, 2014.

One-hundred years of Ontario plowing match traditions and the rich heritage of agricultural lifestyle continues into the next century. Old traditions carry on while new traditions are forged with a strong 100-year-old foundation.

Simcoe County offers a great agricultural landscape, wonderful tourism and recreational amenities, a good industrial base, social and entertainment attractions, and rural family living. The Township of Essa within Simcoe County (whose slogan is “Where Town and Country Meets) is a rich agricultural basin well suited for the 2014 International Plowing Match.

In 2011, after a successful bid by the Simcoe County Plowmen’s Association with support from the County of Simcoe, announcements were made that the 2014 International Plowing Match would be in the County of Simcoe. The last time an International Plowing Match was held in Simcoe County was 1997.

An Executive Committee of 10 individuals with diverse backgrounds is responsible for the overall planning and execution of the 2014 International Plowing Match. Executive Committee Chairman is Cal Madill and Co-chair is Ken O’Brien, who is no stranger to past County and International Plowing events. Another member of the Executive Committee, who chairs the tractor park, is long-time plowman Keith Robinson of Cookstown. The 2014 International Plowing Match will be Keith’s 65th time participating in a plowing match with his trusty antique tractor and plow.

The remainder of the planning for the 2014 International Plowing Match will be completed by 32 committees responsible for providing enjoyable, safe, and interesting new learning experiences to people attending the plowing match.

More than 800 acres of beautiful fertile farmland, located in the local community of Ivy, will give rise to a homestead community setting for five days. The transformation from a rural farm setting to a gathering place of more than 20,000 visitors daily will showcase the very best of Simcoe County. Our host farmers, Ivan and Barry DeGeer, invite you to witness this transformation.

In September 2014, the transportation arteries within Simcoe County, and more specifically the Township of Essa, will bring visitors, both new and seasoned, to the official site located at 4716 20th Sideroad, Ivy, Ontario. Road signs will direct visitors to parking and drop-off points and Information Ambassadors will assist and direct visitors to their points of interest within a tented city.

Across from the tented city will be an RV park with approximately 1,500 campsites (serviced and non-serviced) located at the Essa and District Agriplex facilities.

While the annual plowing match means daytime plowing for some individuals, for others it means evenings filled with music, food and social activities after a long day of taking in all the events the plowing match has to offer.

“Good Old Days, modern new ways.” Please join us as we make our mark on this next century of International Plowing Match and Rural Expos.