3rd Annual IPM Auctioneers' Challenge

Wednesday, September 20 from 2 - 4 pm in the CKNX Ring

On Wednesday, starting at 10 am, view all of the items and register for your bidding card at the CKNX Event Centre.

One! … Five! … Sold! Catch all that? A battle of the word: combining speed, precision and concentration. Auctioneering is more than just a vocation, auctioneering is an art form. The IPM will be hosting some great auctioneers who will battle for supremacy in the Auctioneers Challenge. We will see – hear? – auctioneers auctioning off a variety of items during the challenge. This will give viewers the opportunity to see just how difficult the world of auctioneering is as well as the vocal precision required to be a successful auctioneer. Come on out and cheer on your favourite auctioneer as he or she calls their way to supremacy!

Here are examples of the awesome items for sale at the Auctioneers’ Challenge

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