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2022 Local Junior Plowing Matches

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DATE Location
Bruce Aug 28 Hosted by: Ernewein Farms Limited - Bert, Steve and Sean Ernewien. 939 Concession Rd 4, Brockton (south of Chepstow).
John Gillespie 519-395-5248 jgilles@hurontel.on.ca or Tom Evans 519-901-1076 tommyrollover@gmail.com
Aug 13
Hosted by: Jim De Brouwer. 11459 Ed's Line, Blenheim.
Stephanie Richardson 519-365-5952 ckplowing@outlook.com 
Frontenac (Wolfe Island)
Sept 10
Hosted by: Henry and Janine Posthumus. 1227 Reeds Bay Rd, Wolfe Island.
Contact: Janine Posthumus 613-985-5732 janine.handforth@queensu.ca or Henry Posthumus 613-561-5732
Grey Keppel-Sarawak Oct 10 Hosted by: 
Contact: Craig Cameron 519-375-2938 ccameplow@gmail.com or Garth Henry 519-270-1779
Aug 18 Hosted by: Brian & Annette Mackenzie and Henry & Amanda Miller. 85399 St Helens Line, St Helens (Lucknow).
Brian Wiersma 519-955-1738 brianwiersma3@gmail.com or Joan Ryan 519-237-3806 mjryan@hay.net
Leeds Aug 13 Hosted by: John Male and Family. 9146 Addison Rd/County Rd 30, Addison.
Brittany Carkner 613-803-4417 bri.carkner@dal.ca
Ottawa-Carleton Aug 27 Hosted by: Dave and Bonnie Ostrum. 8472 Franktown Rd, Ashton.
Contact: Linda Payant lgpayant@hotmail.com  613-327-9332 or Sharen Armstrong sharenarm@hotmail.com  613-913-0721
Contact: Warren G. Craft 705-932-5047 craftee@nexicom.net or Mona Humphries 705-696-2055