October 1st - 5th, 2024
Lindsay, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario


All competitors must sign a Waiver in order to participate


  1. Competition is open to competitors from anywhere in the world. All IPM plowing competitors must be a current member of a Branch Association or an OPA associate member (with the exception of out-of-province competitors and Class 7 juniors). All competitors from the Province of Ontario must have earned a minimum number of points (as indicated herein) competing at TWO Branch Association Match in 2023, or 2024 or the Plowmen can use the 2023 IPM daily score. Plowing Competitors who plowed at a 4-H Match with a sanctioned OPA judge may use those points to qualify for the IPM. The entry card must be signed by the competitor verifying the foregoing. A Branch Secretary verifying the qualifying points must also sign the entry card. If using points from IPM 2023, the signature of the Branch Secretary is not required. IPM Judges and OPA Directors are not eligible for competition.
  2. Competitors entering Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 must forward their entry form to: Ontario Plowmen’s Association
    188 Nicklin Road, Guelph, Ontario N1H 7L5 Entries must be postmarked no later than August 15th, 2024. False information contained on an entry form may result in automatic disqualification from competition. Competitors entering into Class 7 (Junior Plowing Class) must have their entries post marked no later than August 31st, 2024. Late entries are accepted up until Saturday Morning, providing there is available land at a fee of $20.00. ABSOLUTELY NO EXTENSIONS
  3. A Plowing Entry Fee of $100.00 (cheque, money order or credit card) must accompany each entry form. This fee will entitle each competitor to plow in their respective class and group each day of the plowing competition. Junior Plowers – A Entry Fee of $70.00 (cheque, money order or credit card) must accompany each entry form.) For Class 7 (Junior Plowing) – the entry fee is $10.00 (late entry fee $20.00).
  4. Proof of Insurance verifying that the COMPETITOR, as well as the OWNER of the equipment, will have in force a minimum of $2 million in liability insurance coverage, during the week of the IPM, this must accompany the entry form. PLEASE NOTE: Proof of insurance is mandatory. A Certificate of insurance is required to be sent in with the plowing entry form.
  5. A current Coggins Test is NOT required for horses and mules at this time.
  6. Tailpieces Tailpieces may be used in Classes 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 provided the size of the tailpiece does not exceed 26cm (10 1/4") in length, 22cm (8 11/16") in width and the total distance from the end of the moldboard to the end of the tailpiece, including brackets, not to exceed 32cm (12 5/8"). The concave or convex of the tailpiece must not be greater than a ratio of 1mm to 15mm in width (1/32" – 5/8"). In Class 6, only factory original tailpieces are allowed.
  7. All competitors will be responsible for arranging for their own tractors, teams and plow.
  8. Competitors driving tractors on roads at the Plowing Match must comply with the Highway Traffic Act. **Every tractor must have a slow moving vehicle sign.
  9. Practice Plowing Held only on the Monday prior to the IPM. One (1) lot of land per competitor. Lots will be assigned when requested on the entry form. ** Practice land must be totally completed.
  10. Land Cards
    1. Competitors in tractor classes will receive their land cards, bearing land number, at the Tractor Park each day of the competition.
    2. Competitors in the horse/mule class will receive their land cards bearing land number, in the field each day of the competition.
  11. Competitors must be ready to commence plowing at the designated start time for each day of competition. No additional time will be allowed for starting late.
  12. A maximum of three (3) sighting stakes will be allowed in all tractor classes and five (5) sighting stakes in all horse classes. BRING YOUR OWN STAKES    If a Horse/Mule Plow Person is using 3 or more horses/mules to plow, a solid line can be used for scratch only.
  13. Competitors must place their stakes for striking out on lot stakes and all competitors must strike out their crown from the same end of the field as directed by the Steward in Charge. Lot number stake as placed by the committee shall be replaced in centre of crown and must be in place to be judged. Sighting stakes to be used only on first pass of strike out and cast-off to vacant land. Cast off to higher lot number unless otherwise instructed by the steward in charge. When a competitor must cast off to vacant land he/ she should make that opening strike while his opening split is being judged.
  14. Opening Split Opening split required in all Tractor Classes (Class 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7). Explanation of Opening Split – there must be an opening split in both stubble and grassland. The strip to be well cut through so that no land is left uncut. One round will be permitted in making an opening split before judging. Competitors must commence to make their opening split immediately upon direction from the Steward in Charge. i) Rolling and packing of the opening split is not permitted.
  15. Crown
    1. In the Horse Classes for one-furrow plows, the crown shall consist of six (6) heavy rounds (12 furrows), after which the competitor shall cast off.
    2. In Tractor Classes, the Crown shall consist of four heavy rounds for two (2) furrow plows and three (3) heavy rounds for three or more furrow plows after which the competitor shall commence to cast off. When lands are too narrow to permit the application of this definition, same may be modified by the Steward in charge of the class. (Competitors in Class 4 will plow a larger lot if land is available).
    3. A double scratch will be allowed but rule 14 (i) will apply. *Penalty for Infraction or rule 14 (i) will be 10 points.
  16. When casting off to the neighbor, if the neighbour’s plot is more than 3 feet (36") out of parallel to your crown, you may be permitted upon approval of the Chief Steward to set up stakes and restrike out the cast off side. The time used to arrive at a decision by the Chief Steward and to set the stakes and plow the cast off are not to be counted towards the total plowing time. The time used is to be added to the competitor’s available time. This is for an extreme situation if the plot is more than 3 feet out.
  17. Finish The finish comprises the last 12 furrows (i.e. 6 furrows on the throw out side of the finish and 5 furrows and the sole furrow on the crown side). In Class 1, there must be a 4" step on the last furrow of finish. The 4" step has been removed from the finish of the Antique Plowing (Class 6).
  18. The sole furrow must be turned toward the competitor’s own crown.
  19. All furrows must start and finish at scratch. (See scorecard re: Ins and Outs).
  20. Land Committee reserves the right to provide competitors either sod or stubble lands, as circumstances permit.
  21. Average depth of furrows shall not be less than 6 inches unless otherwise specified by the Chief Steward or Management.
  22. Shaping of furrows by hand, foot, plow, stake or otherwise is not allowed in any classes (which includes inside and outside the scratch). Class 1 is permitted to handle the opening scratch, except on Friday.
  23. Idle Runs Idle runs to the opposite end are allowed but must be made on the headland and not across the plot. Note: Idle runs are not permitted in Class 2 Group 5 and Class 5 Group 2.
  24. Clipping and burning of straw and stubble is not permitted. Removing of straw, stubble or other material is only permitted with prior permission from the Class Stewards.
  25. Headland scratches may be removed by competitor unless they are already removed prior to the competition.
  26. During the competition, competitors must mount and dismount from the tractor on to the unplowed land side of the tractor, to avoid penalty for treading on plowed lands. Exception only if the model of tractor does not allow for dismount onto unplowed land.
  27. Chains, wires, or ropes are not to be used by competitors in any class.
  28. Any towing while plowing must first be approved by the Steward.
  29. Stones or roots should be reported to the Steward and leave stones plowed up where they are.
  30. Competition Time
    1. Maximum time for tractor plowing will be 20 minutes for the opening split and 2 hours and 40 minutes for the balance. Where a competitor has to make an extra scratch, this should be completed while opening splits are being judged. No additional time will be allowed. In cases of mechanical breakdown, a reasonable amount of time for repair will be allowed by the STEWARD IN CHARGE. Additional time will be given to a competitor if said competitor is delayed by the actions of another competitor.
    2. Maximum time for horse/mule plowing is 5 hours and 30 minutes. Penalty of 5 points for each minute or part minute over.
    3. Time penalties for over time tractor plowing i) Opening Split – 1 point for each minute or part minute ii) Plot – 5 points for each minute or part minute
  31. Coaching After setting and removing stakes, coaching will only be allowed for competitors who have not reached their 16th birthday as of January 1st of the current year as well as all competitors plowing in Class 7, except those who have plowed at the IPM for two or more years. The coach is to assist from headlands only and is not permitted to make adjustments to the plow except when the tractor and plow are completely on the headland. No type of remote electronic communications of any kind may be use during the plowing. The coach may go to the other end of lands, on the competitor’s land, only when the competitor’s tractor and plow are on the headland.
    • Competitors in Class 1 will be allowed a helper to set and remove stakes and assist with the horses/mules on the strike out and finish.
    • In Class 1, coaching is not allowed for Groups 1 or 3. In Groups 2, 4 and 5, the coach may assist from the headland only.
    • Anyone but the competitors on the land is an infraction subject to Rule 32-a.
    • Stewards and IPM Judges are not permitted to do any coaching at the IPM.
  32. All Stewards will be identified by wearing safety vests. All Stewards and IPM Judges must not leave their designated group while the group is competing unless for an emergency.
  33. Infringements
    1. Any competitor, assistant, coach or spectator breaking any rules shall result in the relevant competitor receiving one warning from the Steward. A second warning will result in a penalty of 10 points against the relevant competitor, and the third warning will result in disqualification from that day’s competition.
    2. Any inappropriate behavior (i.e. use of course language, threats and insubordination) during the competition against any Steward, Judge, fellow competitor, by a competitor or on behalf of a competitor, will be cause for immediate disqualification from the competition and removal from the field. Any spectator inference with the plowing competition will be subject to removal from the field.
    3. The use of non-approved equipment or attachments will carry a penalty of 20 points per day.
  34. All boards must be down and in plowing position other than opening split and 1st or 2nd draw on the cast-off only. Any infractions of this rule will carry a 20 point penalty WITHOUT WARNING BY THE STEWARD IN CHARGE.
  35. A competitor shall be penalized for any of the following infractions by the judges’ decision:
    1. Finishing the wrong way – penalty 10 points
    2. Damaging neighbouring competitor’s plowing – maximum penalty 10 points
    3. Two wheel marks on the land – penalty 2 to 5 points
  36. Scoring of Lands
    A scorecard, approved by the Judge-in-Chief and the Assistant Judge-in-Chief will be used for all Classes at the International Powing Match and
    Rural Expo. The decision of the Judge-in-Chief and Assistant Judge-in-Chief shall be final.
  37. The complete land will be judged and the only consideration given to a competitor will be where their neighbour’s plowing is crooked or below standard.
  38. Where the total points allotted by the judges are used to determine the winner and a tie score exists, the competitor with the highest total points in General Appearance will be the winner but if a tie still exists, the highest total points for the finish will be used in determining the winner.
  39. Winners in each plowing class and group will be declared at the end of each day’s plowing. The official score of the Judges will be used in determining the standing of the competitors in each class and group.
  40. The decision of the judges shall be final in all cases. However, any person involved in the plowing competition has the right to protest, the following procedure must be followed:
    1. All protests must be in writing and must state plainly the cause of complaint or appeal and must be delivered to the Plowing Results Office and the OPA Site Office within four hours of the completion of judging on the day of the incident.
    2. The protest must be accompanied by a deposit which will be forfeited if the protest is not sustained
    3. Deposit amount is $50.00
  41. All matters requiring clarification will be dealt with by the appropriate parties.



  1. Queen of the Furrow contestants will plow on Thursday October 3rd, 2024 at 2:00 p.m.
  2. Contestants must have competed at their local Branch Association Queen of the Furrow Competition in 2013. Exception being: If the County/Counties hosting the IPM did not host a Branch Match in 2023.
  3. Queen of the Furrow contestants must be 18 years of age as of the 1st of January, 2024. Contestants must not have turned 25 before the 1st day of the IPM.
  4. Queen of the Furrow contestants must have a minimum of a G2 driver’s license as of the 1st day of the IPM.
  5. Contestants are required, with assistance from their OPA Advisory Councillor, to make arrangements for a coach with a tractor and plow or horse and plow for the plowing competition. These arrangements are to be in place before the IPM. Contestants unable to acquire a coach may contact the OPA Queen Coordinator to obtain a list of potential plowing coaches. The list will be available after August 15, 2024.
  6. A one, two or three furrow plow, any type, may be used.
  7. Each contestant will be required to strike out and complete two additional rounds.
  8. Lands will be identified in alphabetical order according to County or Region.
  9. The Owner of the Equipment used by each Queen of the Furrow Contestant while competing at the IPM must have $2 million liability insurance coverage. Queens of the Furrow are covered under the OPA’s insurance policy while competing at the IPM. All Queen of the Furrow contestants must sign a waiver.


Horses 25’ w x 100’ l
Class 2 – Group 1, 3, 4 50’ w x 200’ l
Class 2 – Group 2 A & 2B, 5 66’ w x 300’ l
Class 3 – Group 1, 2 50’ w x 200’ l
Class 4 – Group 1, 2 75’ w x 300’ l
Class 5 – Group 1, 2 66’ w x 300’ l
Class 6 – Group 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 40’ w x 150’ l
Class 7 40-50’ x 150-200’ l

** All plot sizes are subject to change based on availability of land


** Classes must have a minimum of three competitors. Classes that do not have at least three competitors will be combined at the discretion of the Directors of the Ontario Plowmen’s Association.

For the competition, plowing classes will be established as follows:

Class 1 Horse & Mule Plowing

  • Any make of plow may be used
  • Width of furrow to measure not less than 9”
  • Jointer Plows – A jointer plow is one with a share measuring not less than 8” and with a breast measuring not less than 6” – 12”. Measurements from 6” – 12”from the landside of the plow to the outside of the mouldboard, from directly under the point where the top corner of the mouldboard touches the beam.
  • A hydraulic lift is allowed in groups 3, 4 and 5.
  • Depth gauges or wheels are not permitted on Jointer Plows
  • There has to be a 4” step on the last furrow of the finish.
  • ALL horses must have an attendant at all times.
  • The body of the land must be plowed by a team of horses.

Group 1

  • Jointer Plows
  • Minimum 115 points to qualify

Group 2

  • Jointer Plows
  • Minimum 100 points to qualify
  • Open to competitors not entered in Group 1 and who have not had the highest total score in Group 2 in the previous year

Group 3

  • Sulky Plows
  • Minimum 110 points to qualify

Group 4

  • Sulky Plows
  • Minimum 100 points to qualify.
  • First time plow persons will be in Group 4.

Group 5

  • Sulky Plows
  • Minimum 100 points
  • Sulky plows manufactured after 1979.
  • Minimum 12” bottom

 Three or four competitors who have advanced to Group 1 but scored low in last year’s competition may be put back into Group 2 in order to equalize the number. The same will apply to Group 3 and 4.


Class 2 Tractor - 2 Furrows

  • Mounted plows
  • Width of furrow to measure not less than 12"

Group 1

  • Minimum 100 points to qualify
  • Competitors must have reached their 10th birthday as of January 1st, 2024 and not have reached their 16th birthday as of January 1st, 2024.

Group 2A

  • Minimum 120 points
  • Competitors must have reached their 16th birthday as of January 1, 2024 and not have reached their 20th birthday as of January 1, 2024.

Group 2B

  • Minimum 120 points
  • Open to those Juniors wishing to win the right to compete at the Canadian Plowing Championships
  • Exhibitors must be 16 years of age as of January 1, 2024
  • Exhibitors wishing to compete in the Canadian competition must not have reached their 18th birthday by December 31st of the Canadian Plowing Organization's competing year.
  • Canadian Plowing Competition Rules Will Apply (with the exception of insurance requirements).

Group 3 and 4

  • Competitors to be divided in to two equal groups by ages.
  • Minimum 125 points to qualify.
  • Competitors must have reached their 20th birthday as of January 1st, 2024.

Group 5

  • Beginner Reversible Class
  • Minimum 100 points to qualify.
  • This class is open to competitors with 3 or less years of reversible IPM competition experience.

Class 3 Tractor – 3 Furrows

Mounted or Semi-Mounted

  • Width of furrow to measure not less than 12”.

Group 1

  • Minimum 100 points to qualify.
  • This class is open to competitors with 3 or less years IPM competition experience or a competitor who had no reached their 16th birthday by January 1 of the competition year.

Group 2

  • Minimum 120 points to qualify.
  • This class is open to competitors with 3 or more years IPM competition experience.


Tractor – 4 or more Furrows Mounted, Semi-Mounted or Trailer-Tract

  •  Width of furrow to measure not less than 14”.

Group 1

  • Minimum of 100 points to qualify.
  • This class is open to competitors with 3 or less years IPM competition experience.

Group 2

  • Minimum of 110 points to qualify.
  • This class is open to competitors with 3 years or more IPM competition experience.


International Championship Tractor

  • Open to all competitors
  • Only Ontario residents will be eligible to advance to the Canadian Championship Plowing Competition.
  • Width of furrow to measure not less than 12”.

Group 1

  • Conventional Plows
  • Minimum 130 points to qualify
  • CANADIAN PLOWING COMPETITION RULES WILL APPLY (With the exception of insurance requirements.)

Group 2

  • Reversible Plows
  • Minimum 125 points to qualify.
  • CANADIAN PLOWING COMPETITION RULES WILL APPLY  (With the exception of insurance requirements.)

CLASS 6 Antique Tractor

  • All plows will be inspected during the Match.
  • Drag plows and tractors must be pre-1959. Plows should be of the same vintage with mechanical lift or hydraulic lift and the original manufacturer’s mouldboards and tailpieces.
  • Factory original tailpieces are allowed.
  • Weights may be used, but riding on plows is not allowed.
  • Mounted plows and tractors must be pre-1959. Plows may be a different make than the tractor, but should be of the same vintage.
  • Plows must have the original manufacturer’s mouldboards. Length of mouldboard not more than 40”. Plows may have one straightening lever and one mechanically adjusted depth wheel and one adjustable stabilizer bar. NO hydraulic top link allowed. Trip links are not allowed. Top links and slip links are allowed.
  • The onus is on the competitors to provide information of year of manufacture and that all equipment complies with these rules. ALL COMPETITORS MUST complete the form.
  • First year competitors using a drag plow at the IPM must go in to Group 2.
  • Width of the furrow to measure not more than 12”.

Group 1

  • Drag plows
  • Minimum of 125 points to qualify.

Group 2

  • Drag plows
  • Minimum of 115 points to qualify

Group 3

  • Mounted Plows
  • 1 depth wheel permitted no wider than 4'' in width that can be relocated if necessary
  • Minimum of 125 points to qualify

Group 4

  • Mounted plows
  • Only 1 furrow plows are allowed
  • Minimum of 115 points.
  • 1 depth wheel permitted no wider than 4'' in width that can be relocated if necessary.

Group 5

  • Mounted or Drag Plows
  • Competitors must be 10 – 21 years of age by January 1st, 2024.
  • Minimum of 100 points


CLASS 7 Junior Plowing

  • Saturday only
  • Horse and Tractor Plowmen

Entry Deadline – August 31st, 2024

  • In the event of a large number of entries, the competitors will be split into groups based on age and experience.
  • All competitors must have plowed at a Sanctioned Branch Match in 2022, 2023, or 2024 including Junior Matches, Sodbusters and/or 4-H Plowing Clubs.
  • Competitors must be 10 – 21 years of age by January 1st, 2024.
  • Entry fee for the day will be $10.00 (includes lunch and two passes to Tented City). Late fee is $20.00.
  • Maximum of two competitors per tractor/plow.
  • Any type of plow may be used.
  • All IPM rules and regulations will apply to Class 7 unless otherwise stated.
  • ** In order to determine the overall winners in this class, percentages will be used.