What is Plowing?

An implement used to cute, lift, and turn over soil especially in preparing a seedbed. To turn, break up or work with a plow. To make (something, such as a furrow) with a plow. To cut into, open or make furrows or ridges in with or as if with a plow

For a thousand a years, plowing has been one of the main soil preparation methods. Plowing is to eliminate weeds and most of all the residues from the previous crop.

Plowing Terminolgy

The Plow - a farm implement used for cutting the soil and turning it over. The plow was the first tool to unlock the fertility of the earth

Furrow - the long narrow ribbon of soil which is cut off by the plow and turned over

Coulter - a sharp pointed knife or rolling disk which cuts the soil vertically.

Share - (or plowshare) - a sharp pointed knife which cuts flat underneath the ground, loosening the soil cut by the coulter.

Mouldboard - a curved blade which pushes the slice of earth to the side and turns it upside down. This slice of earth is called the furrow

Crown - consists of three trips to the other end of the plow and back (rounds). In horse plowing the results is 6 furrows, in tractor classes 12 furrows.

Body of the Land - Upon completion of the crown, the contestant turns to the left and plows the strip between his crown and the neighbours

Finish - The last few furrows